Digital Photos


Photographic prints on canvas and acrylic painting.100×100 cm. 2012

In the spiritual language of the American Indian tribe ANISHINAABE, the composed word MSHKIKI means “the strength of the earth” .MSHKI = strength, KI= earth).
Our artistic project is a contemporary reading of the antique ANISHINAABE tradition. Starting from the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington D.C. we have studied the collective imagery of the tribe and their inheritance of traditions, generous in symbols and with a positive vision of human civilization, governed by the moral ethics of “respect” and by the peaceful cohabitation of the humans on earth. The Legend talks about the gift of the “Seven Teachings” given to tribe by 7 spirits called “Seven Grandfathers”, personified in 7 animals.

WISDOM-BEAVER (love the knowledge and know the wisdom)
LOVE-EAGLE ( love recognition, you have to love yourself to be able to love somebody else)
RESPECT-BUFFALO (love and respect all the creation)
BRAVERY-BEAR (the courage to face the enemy with integrity, the bear symbolizes the moral courage to do the right things)
HONESTY-MAN (the onesty to face up whatever comes and be brave)
HUMILITY-WOLF (humility to reflect deeply and know all the rest)
TRUTH-TURTLE (the truthfulness of being aware of all of the above)

The artworks are created in multimedia, combining Digital Photography and Painting and represent in a surreal stylized manner the 6 symbolic animals and their corresponding teachings.
The 7th animal/teaching, MAN, is symbolized by the audience in contact with the artworks, their reflection upon the teachings being fundamental for the accomplishment of the legend cycle.
The artists wish for an active spectator, who takes inspiration from their idea of natural civilization and who perceives the exhibition as a joyful ritual-journey, where the Seven Teachings are the virtues to which we should all aspire.

Written by Daniela Mastrangelo