Print on wax


Polysemy is an artistic project born out of an interest of introspection about the relationship between man and time. Experimental research on the narrative of
inner time, where memory, full of psychological references, passes through fragmented images reconstructing mental spaces. The ability of these images to transmit different information about objects and phenomena of and intimate and personal reality of time, which reveals a constant exchange between different identities.
The Polysemy project was born out of a reflection on the concept of how human beings live their ‘inner time’ in relation to ‘exterior time’. Within consciousness there is no increase of intensity of the same sensation, but rather successions of different sensations. Polysemy (from the Greek polysemos “with many meanings”, such as poly, “multiple”, and sema, “sign”) in semantics indicates the property that a word/image/sound has in order to express more meanings that relate to each other.