Print on wax

Karma Shape

Photographic prints on wax , wooden support, 30×20 cm.2009

In between the 2 borders there are the wax prints, suspended between the risk of fusion or separation. By a similar analogy, Daniela Mastrangelo lives her tormented artist life. Her mollecular struc ture is fluid, like wax is. It changes continuously on contact with different objects or shapes. Since always attracted by the unknown, like Icarus flew in the open space, entertains herself playing with the images – conscious of the instable balance and of the neverending research of the central point – suspended between sky and earth, water and fire, orizontallity and verticallity. She understood recently that the wings are not only for flying, but also for disconnecting a bit from the earth. Consciousnes of this attitude: the subtle profound difference between protecting oneself and defending oneself, in being and in observing. Once gone beyond the limits of seeing, Daniela succeeds in conveying in images the pleasure of these sensations. The sharp eye of the eagle, capable of visualizing his environment with incredible precision and distance, has permeated her and has allowed her to change direction. The choice of material– the wax- modified in it’s chimical composition to guarantee stability and lasting in time, has allowed her to experiment all the way.

Written by Marco Fioramanti