Print on wax

Un plongeon en noir

Photographic prints on wax , linen & wood support, 20×30 cm, 2009

“Realized in 2009, the project consists in works which depict faces and objects apparently belonging to a long past time. But our eyes get tricked by the surreal bluish atmosphere who carries within a far away, suspended period.
The characters are true habitants of San Felice sul Panaro, close to Modena, where every year magic takes place. An enchanting atmosphere lands down on the streets , on the mimics and gestures of its people who crowd the streets to bring their Carnival to life. It seems like living a dream without being asked anything else but watching.
The images are to be contemplated before being understood. This is what happens also in the Daniela’s art, where the intention was to bring value to a “past” which stays in us like a latent and fragmented memory. The past is being evoked by an air of mystery. The silhouettes seem uncertain presences, barely sketched, but still let us distinguish their identity. Light silhouettes, almost evanescent. Painted portraits? Seems like it, considering the material consistency of the surface and the nuances of the silhouettes. But once again, it’s only our eyes being tricked.
What we look at here are real photographs. Is the mean used by the artist that brings us to the present time. The works of art are in fact an experimental use of print on wax using also pigments. Daniela triggers unusual sensations by using diverse instruments, challenging the limits of photography.

Written by Elisa Caruso