Print on wax

A breath of eternity

Photographic prints on wax,support canvas,oil painting. 68×105 cm. 2011

“Wetlands Park” in Hangzou is an enchanted place, out of time, where the architecture becomes an extension of nature, mirroring the balance between mankind and the universe. Observing the rich flora bathed by the calm waters, the scenery appears mystical like an evocation of a dream, distant from the obsessive canons of our times.

The beauty of the colors, the shapes, the odors together with the shadows of the past, create the sacred spirit of the place .Charmed by the morphology of the garden of the Hong family, I have reinterpreted the ambient imagining a bridge between the past and the present, able to capture an instant of eternity and to harmonize different lives and realities.

Discovering the lightness of the rock, the pureness of the land or a new sound of silence, swaying in their vibration, meditating on their extraordinary path in a timeless dimension. Every single natural space, like a puzzle, constructs the story of the Chinese tradition, where not the tangible but the imagination reveals the meaning of the things. A magical thought covers this land, contaminating the sight with astonishment.